July to December 2014

Date:26 / 27/Jul/2014 Summit:VK3/VC-030 (Flinders Peak) Call Used:VK3CAT/P Points: 1

Summit Height 364 metres, good phone coverage. The summit is an easy hours drive from home and is located inside the You Yangs National Park
Access is from the Turn Table carpark where there is a large carpark plus toilet facilities. From here it is a 3.2 kilometre 1 hour return trip. Sign says steep with steps.
Not difficult if reasonably fit. Plenty of activity.
With this in mind, I setup well away from the top observation platform but was still able to utilise a bench seat.
Today’s activation was part of the VK SOTA Party.
Lots of Summit to Summit Contacts – S2S pile ups at times!

In all 16 pre and 35 post UTC Roll Over Contacts. Of these all but one was on 40 metres (Ron VK3AFW 30 metres CW) and only 5 CW
A staggering 30 S2S plus two VK5 Conservation Parks. All up the operational time was 3 hours & 36 minutes.
WX was generally fine but with a cool southerly breeze. Higher peaks were well into the cloud.

Date:03/Aug/2014 Summit:VK3/VC-031 (Arthurs Seat) Call Used:VK3CAT/P Points: 1


Summit Height 305 metres, good phone coverage. Another easy access (drive up) summit within an hour from home and inside the Arthurs Seat State Park.
A short activation with Nan to be followed with a lunch date at Heronswood Gardens. Nan and I have are both Members of the Diggers Club which have properties in Dromana, The Dandenong Ranges (VK3/VC-025 closeby) and near Blackwood (VK3/VC-032 closeby)

18 contacts in all. 4 S2S, 7 x CW and all but two on 40 metres (VK2IO & VK3BQ 30 metres CW)
lots of good locations to operate.

I chose a picnic table on the perimeter that seemed to be most out of the way. Lots of people out and about taking in the reasonable weather and good views over Port Phillip Bay

August Sota Expedition
One Day

Five Summits
50 points

Date:29 / 30/Aug/2014 Summit:VK3/VC-001 (Mt Matlock) Call Used:VK3CAT/P Points: 8 Bonus: 3
Phone coverage was patchy.
Summit height is 1372 metres. An easy drive up summit in AWD vehicle. Some snow still around. WX fine and sunny.
My second activation of this one and part of a multi (5) summit expedition also aimed to give the Landcruiser a good run following a major service.
Departing Home at 5:54 AM, I was on the summit right on 9:00 AM ready to set up. I found 40 metres quite noisy with a regular pulse but 30 metres was very quiet.
Route notes from home: 07:01 AM. Fernshaw, 07:25 AM, Dom Dom Saddle 07:18 AM Narbethong, 07:32 AM Marysville, 07:43 AM Lake Mountain turn off, 07:52 AM Cumberland Junction, 08:22 AM 15 Mile, 08:31 AM Triangle Junction, 08:51 AM TJ divide.
Coffee first then set up, I was on the air at 23:27 hrs UTC with 4 x 30 metre CW contacts in the log before switching to 40 metres.  Last contact for the summit was a S2S and 1000th Contact to Mt. Gawler VK5?SE-013 made with Stuart VK5STU at 0010 hrs UTC. All up 31 contacts on 30 & 40 metres, 3 x S2S & 8 CW

Departed the summit at 10:25 AM (00:25 hrs UTC) via the more direct track to Matlock. This was definitely 4WD only.

Date:30/Aug/2014 Summit:VK3/VT-013 (Mt Selma) Call Used:VK3CAT/P Points: 8 Bonus: 3
Phone Coverage patchy.
Summit height 1464 metres. Quite slippery access and boggy at the summit. Patches of snow.

Continuing through Matlock on the Woods Point Rd then the Mt. Selma Rd. that may also be sign posted as to Fiddlers Green. This road, whilst still 2WD is narrow and a bit rougher than the Woods Point Rd. I was at the Mt. Selma Rd Junction at 11:00 AM and at the Mt. Selma Trig at 11:20 AM

I was set up near the Trig but had to wander off to a more cleared area to obtain phone coverage. I found Ian VK3TCX (SK) on VK3/VG-081 so the first contact was a 40 metre SSB S2S. This was followed by 5 CW contacts first on 30 metres and following up on 40 metres. Further S2S contacts with Allen VK3HRA with Glenn VK3YY both on VK3/VN-002 Mt. Bullfight and Scott VK2SWD on VK2/SM-001 Mt. Kosciuszko.
23 contacts all up between 0144 hrs UTC and 02:27 hrs UTC. Tried other bands without any results.
Departed the Mt. Selma summit at 02:50 hrs UTC (12:50 PM).

Date:30/Aug/2014 Summit:VK3/VT-022 (Conners Plain) Call Used:VK3CAT/P Points: 8 Bonus: 3
Summit height 1305 Metres.
No phone coverage.

Getting there:
From the Mt Selma Summit Track, Turn right back onto Mt. Selma Rd. The Mt. Selma Rd Joins with South Rd at a place known as Oriental Saddle (12:59 PM). Straight ahead is South towards Mt. Useful whilst a hard turn towards to the north soon followed by another towards the south at Queen Bee Rd will eventually take you north east to the Licola Rd. A short distance past a large clearing will take you to #7 Rd where there is a side track soon to the left (south) that will allow a 4WD vehicle access all the way to the summit (01:21 PM). I found a timber post at what was possibly the highest point. The summit is broad and relatively flat.

As I was unable to spot myself, I relied on people monitoring 40 metres. I was soon found by Peter VK3PF who put me onto Sota Watch. Due to time getting on (I had two more summits on the list), I stuck with 40 metres SSB and had 9 contacts in a brief 7 minute activation that included S2S with Ian VK3TCX (SK) now on VK3/VG-027

Date:30/Aug/2014 Summit:VK3/VT-016 (Mt Useful) Call Used:VK3CAT/P Points: 8 Bonus: 3
Summit height 1434 metres.
No phone coverage.

Getting there:
From Conner’s Plain (02:11 PM) , it is back the way I had come. (Jamieson – Licola and South Rd junction at 02:18 PM) but requiring to head south at the South Rd and Mt Selma Rd junction (02:31 PM. Mt Selma can be seen from this point. The track to Mt. Useful (02:41 PM) is due south of the summit and provides a short and easy drive to the tower (02:50 PM). I had a look around the summit before setting up in order to find a quiet location plus see what the phone coverage was. The result was that it really didn’t matter so I set up not too far from the tower. Seeing Allen was on 40 metres CW, I picked him up then moved just a little down the band and slowly other chasers found me. This is where the RBN network comes into its own!


Time Call Band Mode Notes
05:16z VK3HRA/P 7MHz CW Allen 599, 599 S2S VK3/VT-016 to VK3/VN-005
05:24z VK3AFW 7MHz CW Ron 599, 599
05:30z VK3PF 7MHz CW Peter 599, 599
05:32z VK2AFA 7MHz CW Sam 599, 599
05:34z VK3IL 7MHz CW David 599, 599
05:37z VK3EK 7MHz SSB Rob 5×9, 59
05:38z VK5WG 7MHz SSB Nev 5×5. 32
05:39z VK5EE 7MHz SSB Tom 5×9, 59

Date:30/Aug/2014 Summit:VK3/VT-034 (VK3/VT-034) Call Used:VK3CAT/P Points: 6 Bonus: 0
Summit height 1019 metres
No Phone coverage.

Getting there:
Continue south on South Rd that becomes McEvoy’s Tk (good road). White Star Tk on RHS (03:56 PM), Green Hills Tk on LHS (03:57 PM), Black Range Rd on LHS (04:03 PM), TR Williamson Spur Rd (04:07 PM)
I had heard that there had been trees down on Williamson Spur Rd so I was keen to tackle it in daylight incase I needed the chainsaw. There were 11 trees in all but I was able to drive under, over and around all of them – being in a high clearance 4WD.
The Summit is located on a short 4WD track off Army Tk and just south of the intersection with Williamson Spur Rd. This junction would be in the activation zone but, being pedantic, I went to the top – less chance of interfering with other road users!
My aim for this activation was to work Long Path EU DX so I took some bearings and set up the antenna to best favour the South East path.

The track doesn't go much further than this!

The track doesn’t go much further than this!

Time Call Band Mode Notes
06:54z OK2PDT 14MHz CW 579, 559
06:56z G3XQE 14MHz CW 539, 339
06:59z EA2LU 14MHz CW 559, 539
07:00z G3NKQ 14MHz CW 569, 549
07:02z VK3PF 14MHz CW 579, 559
07:03z DL1FU 14MHz CW 339, 229 Friedrich
07:10z EA2LMI 14MHz CW 559, 339 qrs pse
07:13z OK2IZE 14MHz CW 559, 539
07:16z VK3FQSO 7MHz SSB Amanda 59001, 59044 Alara Contest
07:18z VK2YK 7MHz SSB Adam 5×9, 57

I was quite happy with the results and popped down to 40 metres for a quick look before packing up in the diminishing light. I did not try 40 metres SSB, probably should have as it seemed the RBN did pick me up on 20 metres so the locals would know I was on air 😦

The trip home:
Back to McEvoy’s Tk, Springs Rd (05:47 PM), Fulton’s Tk (05:52 PM), TR Binns Rd (05:56 PM). Dinner consisting of some pasta, an apple and coffee on Binns Rd near the junction of the Walhalla Rd at 06:36 PM – it is now pitch black!
Walhalla (06:50) Bitumen – unlock centre diff. Erica (07:10 PM) – did the direct gravel rd rather than going through Rawson. This used to be the main way into Walhalla 30 years ago. From here to home via Moe is about 2.25 hours depending on traffic.

Travel notes.
The travel times should be used as a guide only. With the exception of summit access to Conners Plain and MT. Selma, all summits would have been accessible in 2WD with good clearance providing careful driving.
Always drive to the conditions. These roads are very isolated and can easily become impassable from adverse weather, snow and fallen trees. The roads can be rough, pot holded, corrugated, slippery (wet and loose gravel on corners). Phone coverage is limited.
There is always the possibility of meeting on-coming traffic including motorcycles. Deer shooters are common too!
The route is pretty much all un-made roads from Cumberland Junction to Walhalla. Good maps and / or local knowledge are essential as your proposed route may not be open and many tracks are pretty serious 4WD.
From Door to door this trek was some 450 kilometres and took 15.5 hours.

 Date:13/Sep/2014 Summit:VK3/VC-003 (Mt Ritchie) Call Used:VK3CAT/P Points: 8 Bonus: 3
Summit Height 1255 metres
No Phone coverage.
Time to pick up some more winter bonus points. I was keen to activate this one and seeing the WX was looking good for the expected long walk, why not give it a shot?
Access is straightforward. Drive through Warburton towards Mt. Donna Buang. Pass the Donna Buang Rd, continuing on the Acheron way (gravel) for 10.5 kilometres. On a tight LH hairpin bend is the junction of # 15 Rd. There is a small parking space nearby.  Climb over the gate and climb steadily eastward for 2.5 kilometres to the junction of #10 Rd then north for a further 5 kilometres (steep at first the levels off a bit) I was wondering if I would ever get there! It took me close to 2 hours .

Knowing that there were a few activators out and that I was running close to my scheduled time, I set up quickly. I had been monitoring some activity on 146.500 FM which turned out to be Peter VK3PF on VK3/VT-026. A contact ensued as well as coordinating a CW contact with Warren VK3KS / VK3BYD who was with Peter.
Peter gave me the heads up with Greg VK8GM and Steve VK8XR on 20 metres SSB from VK8/AL-096. Four contacts and 4 x S2S!
In all, I managed 3 further CW contacts on 30 metres followed by 14 on 40 metres SSB.
My first contact was at 01:20 hrs utc and the last at 02:21 hrs utc.

A bit less than 2 hours back to the car – well it was down hill and I pushed it a bit. By the time I reached the lock gate and attempted to climb over I was pretty spent, falling off the gate at the first attempt. From here it was back to the car and head to Mt Donna Buang!

Date:13/Sep/2014 Summit:VK3/VC-002 (Mt Donna Buang) Call Used:VK3CAT/P Points: 8 Bonus: 3
Summit height 1259 metres.
Good phone coverage.
Access easy, a drive up summit. Most popular VK3 summit with 74 activations as of 28th June 2015
My second activation of this summit, I set up at a picnic table, there not being too many people around in the late afternoon with cold and windy conditions.
Scouting around first on 40 metres I soon found Peter VK3PF now on Hyde Hill VK3/VC-008 so started off with another S2S.
Three 30 metre CW contacts including warren also S2S on Hyde hill.
40 metres, a S2S with Rob VK2QR/3 on VK3?VE-165 then  40m CW with the ever reliable Ron VK3AFW.
I thought I would have a look at EU long path on 20 metres so spotted myself and put out a call, resulting is a solid contact with OK2PDT then just a couple of local VK3s: a bit early for LP EU perhaps?
Back to 40 metres SSB for a few of the regular VK chasers then back to 20 metres CW. Time was now 06:00 hrs UTC, 30 minutes on fron the contact with OK2PDT. Propagation was fairly average and I think still a little early. By this time I was also feeling quite tired and cold. Two further contacts DJ5AV was in the log followed by IK1GPG. My QRS request was ignored so I left it there and had a coffee then packed up.
About 45 minutes later on the way home I easily worked Mike 2E0YYY/P.

10th & 11th October with Ron VK3AFW

 Ron and I live in the same Grid Square (QF22MC) are bot members of the MDRC and trying to get more people involved in Sota CW. Chatting during the week we decided on an activation of the “New” Federation Range near Lake Mountain was in order. This was the last opportunity to pick up a winter bonus plus, as there was no snow, no parking fees at lake Mountain.
Driving up to Marysville our plans were thwarted, there being a bicycle event on the Lake mountain rd and it being closed until 11:00 am. As the sign did not indicate an actual date (just Sunday) we thought it could have been left out from the weekend prior. None of the local store holders knew anything about it. In hope, we headed up towards Lake Mountain, only to discover the road was indeed closed until 11:00 AM. What to do?

Date:10/Oct/2014 Summit:VK3/VN-027 (Mt Gordon) Call Used:VK3CAT/P Points: 4 Bonus: 0
Summit height 764 metres.
Good phone coverage.
A quick about face back to Marysville and to Mt. Gordon, a summit I had activated last year. I was surprised to find the gate gone so we were able to drive right up to the summit. We set up with as much separation as practical but there was still some mutual interference. As I was first on air, I had 3 quick 40 metre SSB and  4 CW contacts making it 8 in total including the 70 cm FM with Ron. Activation 22:44 hrs to 23:29 hrs UTC

Date:11/Oct/2014 Summit:VK3/VN-029 (Federation Range) Call Used:VK3CAT/P Points: 8 Bonus: 3
Summit Height 1482 metres
Reasonable phone coverage
The walk from the carpark is 4 kilometres, mostly all up! This is twice the distance than the “OLD” Fed Range!
The activation zone is quite broad so Ron set up in a clearing on the lower edge and I set up just below the summit.


Time Call Band Mode Notes
01:47z VK3ANL/P 7MHz SSB Nic 5×5, 58
01:49z VK3MRG/P 7MHz SSB Marshall 5×7, 57 Rubicon
01:56z VK3JBL/P 7MHz CW Andrew 559, 599
02:09z VK3PF/P 7MHz CW Peter 5×9, 599 cross mode qso
02:10z VK3BYD 7MHz CW Warren 599, 599
02:12z VK3BQ 7MHz CW Andrew 599, 599
02:13z VK2YW 7MHz CW John 599, 569
02:29z VK5AV 10MHz CW Tim 599, 599
02:32z VK6MB 14MHz SSB Mike 4×1, 41

Nice to work John VK6NU on 20 metres.

Date:15/Nov/2014 Summit:VK3/VC-005 (Mt Vinegar) Call Used:VK3CAT/P Points: 6 Bonus: 0
Summit height 1069 metres
Phone coverage was patchy.
Activation from 00:29 hrs to 03:57 hrs UTC inclusive of lunch.
Nan and I were heading up to Narbethong to stay the night at the Black Spur Inn; a place we had stayed previously and also frequented on our TLCCV trips.

This trip was planned to coincide with many other VK activations and an attempt fro VK and EU S2S contacts

I also wanted to confirm a route directly to Mt Vinegar from the Black Spur / Dom Dom Saddle. This proved to be quite easy as a track behind a locked gate I had spied on an earlier activation to Mt. Dom Dom was accessible. Although not shown on the maps, this track / logging road takes you off Dom Dom Rd and onto 38 road, by-passing a section of #8 road that is inaccessible due to a locked gate near the Dom Dom Saddle. Passing Carters Rd,  #8 road took us directly to the summit and continues on in a south east direction towards the knobs. My guess is that vehicle access would terminate there as the track options to Acheron Gap and Mt. Donna Buang both traverse through the Yarra Ranges National Park. My thoughts were this could also be used for a TLCCV trip (note access currently not available due to logging May 2015)

#8 road where it joined the dividing range was an easy 4WD track and quite pretty through the trees (now having been logged??)

21 contacts all up, qualifying the summit on CW and SSB on 40 and 20 metres. There were also 2 x 30 metre CW contacts in the log.
All up, 9 S2s, one VK5 conservation park and DX to VK6 on 20 metres.

Date:15/Nov/2014 Summit:VK3/VN-030 (Mt Strickland) Call Used:VK3CAT/P Points: 6 Bonus: 0
Summit Height 1068 metres
Phone coverage very patchy, mostly out of range.
I have been up to Mt. Strickland many times. The first was in my old Landrover in 1986 when it took 6 hours to climb Strickland Spur. Subsequent trips have used the Spur and Link tracks plus Feiglin Rd (2WD). Strickland Spur Track is a serious 4WD track and the link track is a bit easier but still requiring a competent driver and vehicle. Not recommended for single vehicles.

This time, Nan and I took the easy route and set up just north of the summit at the junction of the Spur, Link tracks and Paradise Plains Rd. (The later will provide high clearance 2wd access to the Lake Mountain Rd in dry conditions; may also be known as #8 road?)
Strickland – See map for Yarra Ranges N.P boundary within the activation zone.

I was set up and on air at 05:17 hrs utc. The first hour produced 14 contacts of which all but one were CW. I then tried 20 metres for EU on the long path without any success and by this time the WX was looking ominous. A quick QSY to 40m SSB put another 10 contacts in the log but still nothing on 20 metres albeit I could now hear some weak G stations. With a thunder and lightning storm nearly upon us, it was a quick pack up and then a descent in torrential rain to the welcome warmth of an open fire at the Black Spur Inn.

24 contacts, 11 x SSB & 13 x CW. All on 40 metres. 7 x S2S so quite successful even without the EU contacts.

Date:16/Nov/2014 Summit:VK3/VN-011 (Sugarloaf Peak) Call Used:VK3CAT/P Points: 6 Bonus: 0
Summit height 950 metres
Phone coverage ?

I have driven past the Cathedral Ranges hundreds of times and often thought about Sugarloaf peak. Well today, despite ominous WX and heavy overnight rain, we conquered it.
Knowing that the access was steep, rocky and involved some rock scampering and that the activation area was very tight, I opted for the magnetic loop antenna (good choice)

The access track was very slippery in p[laces and took great care. Not one to do if actually raining and with this in mind, we kept a close watch on the weather.
The view along the track over the Acheron Valley was stunning at the times when we could see anything through the cloud. Must re-visit in fine weather!

sugarloaf peak

Time Call Band Mode Notes
00:40z VK3BYD/P 7MHz CW Warren 559, 559 S2S VK3/VN-011 to VK3/VE-230 Mag loop for this activation
00:51z VK5NIG/P 7MHz SSB Nigel 5×5, 55 S2S VK3/VN-011 to VK5/SE-013
00:52z VK5PAS/3 7MHz SSB Paul 5×3, 51 2S2 VK3/VN-011 to VK3/VS-046
00:53z VK3FPSR 7MHz SSB Peter 5×4, 31
00:55z VK2IO 7MHz CW Gerrard 599, 529
00:57z VK3AFW 7MHz CW Ron 559, 339 Rain coming in qrt quick. Logbook wet


A short activation due to approaching weather and thanks to
Paul VK5PAS/P for waiting for us and the S2S

Part of the Canyon Walking Track

Part of the Canyon Walking Track

West Gippsland Adventure with VK3AFW

I spent quite a bit of time around Noojee Victoria in the late 1970’s and early 80’s with fellow electrical apprentices on camping, trail bike touring and later 4WDing. I had been to Mt. Toorongo many times and had even ridden the full track down to Coupes Road when it was accessible. Lots of changes since then. The track is seasonally closed. There are good views from the fire tower which is located south of the SOTA summit.
Ron and I were in the Landcruiser and we had a good run up on the Mt. Baw Baw rd towards Tanjil Bren, then the Link Rd, Mundic Rd and finally Mt Toorongo Track.
This track is in quite good condition and would be quite suitable for a high clearance 2WD in dry conditions.
Watching the GPS, we overshot the exit point from the main road and had to back track to the closest point to the summit on the road and then back a bit further to find a suitable parking spot.

Date:29/Nov/2014 Summit:VK3/VT-026 (Mt Toorongo Range) Call Used:VK3CAT/P Points: 8 Bonus: 0

Summit height 1257 metres.
Phone coverage?


Time Call Band Mode Notes
00:41z VK3AFW/P 433MHz FM Ron 5×9, 59 in the scrub
01:15z VK7EE 7MHz CW Jerry SW from Hobart 579, 449
01:23z VK3BYD 7MHz CW Warren 579, 599
01:28z VK3JBL 7MHz CW Andrew 579, 559
01:32z VK3WE 7MHz CW Rhett 599, 599
01:33z VK2MWP 7MHz CW Andrew 579, 579
01:37z VK2GAZ 7MHz CW Garry 559, 529. Trouble with Ron also operating on 30. Tuner weird. Shut down
01:43z VK2IO/M 7MHz CW Gerard 559, 529
02:08z VK3FPSR 7MHz SSB Peter 5×9, 55

The Mt Toorongo track follows the 1220 metre contour when opposite the SOTA summit location, it appeared we could make the summit prior to UTC roll over, the distance being under 300 metres and only 37 metres vertical or 12 metres to enter the activation zone!
This was not to be as the going was slow through thick scrub that had us at times on our hands and knees like wombats burrowing underneath the worst of it. We did eventually make it to the top where there was limited clear space – not really suitable for our two stations.
I worked mostly CW and Ron SSB. I did experience significant interference from Ron (running 20 watts I think?) in that my auto tuner was reacting to the close proximity RF and my attenuator also clicking in to protect the front end. In the end I shut down for a while.
With a second activation planned for the day, we headed (fell!!!) down a path similar to that we ascended on and, with some extra scrapes and bruises, Went back the way we came and towards Mt. Horsfall.

Date:29/Nov/2014 Summit:VK3/VT-028 (Mt Horsfall) Call Used:VK3CAT/P Points: 6 Bonus: 0 
Summit height 1131 metres
Phone coverage OK on the helipad. Not great at my operating position.

Time Call Band Mode Notes
03:46z VK3AFW/P 433MHz FM Ron 5×9, 59 out of the zone
04:00z VK3MCD/P 7MHz SSB Brian 5×9, 59 KX3 to KX3 s2s VK3/VT-028 to VK3/VC-014
04:01z VK3MRG/P 7MHz SSB Mount Martha 5×9, 58
04:07z VK3BYD 7MHz CW Warren 599, 599 Tnx fer spot
04:10z VK2MWP 7MHz CW Andrew 599, 559
04:11z VK3HRA 7MHz CW Allen 599, 599
04:14z VK3JBL 7MHz CW Andrew 599, 559
04:20z VK2BJP/P 7MHz SSB Russ 5×8, 68 S2S VK3/VT-028 to VK3/VE-095
04:25z VK5AV 10MHz CW Tim 579, 579
04:37z VK2IO/M 10MHz CW Gerard 579, 549 Time approx as eating an orange
04:42z VK2GAZ 10MHz CW Garry 599, 559
04:44z VK2TW 10MHz CW John 599, 599

Ron and I headed north up the continuation of Link Rd to Link Junction (Junction of Toorongo Rd, 9 Mile Rd, turning west onto the Toorongo Rd to where the 40 mile break track intersected it. This track is seasonally closed and, contrary to all advice, the gate was still locked even though the seasonal closures had concluded a month earlier. It was not looking good but I had seen on the map an alternative albeit longer route that lead to 40 mile break. This route requires a further drive to the west along Toorongo Rd then north up #3 Road (seasonally closed and gate open YEAH!)
Like alot of places, there had been logging in the area, we reached a sort of T intersection where the most used track headed west and towards Mt. Horsfall – which we took only to end up in a logging coup. A quick about face had us on the correct but lesser used track and we were soon on the 40 mile break – it being a nice easy ridge top drive and suitable for an AWD vehicle with reasonable clearance.
Ron set up in the large clearing at the summit while I headed further along the main track in order to get some RF space between our two stations. With time getting on, we also had our lunch during the activations. Once again, I stuck mainly to CW with Ron on SSB.
A nice summit, plenty of room, must go back and check out the remainder of 40 mile break.
We headed out via the ascent route but kept going west along Toorongo Rd, finding our way to the Loch Valley and the Loch Valley Rd direct to Noojee. I feel this route is quicker than the Baw Baw Rd but there is a maze of roads and tracks in the area that also contains a pine plantation.

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4 thoughts on “July to December 2014

  1. Hi Tony, thanks for sharing, great photos of Sugarloaf Peak, looks a little tight for space. Next time I’m in Melbourne’s outer east, I should take a day trip Mt Ritchie and Mt Strickland. 🙂

  2. Andrew, Mt. Strickland is an easy drive up summit. Paradise Plains Rd will take you to the Lake Mountain Rd and is a good shortcut if wanting to activate Fed Range. Mt Vinegar access at the moment is questionable again due to logging.
    Unfortunately you cannot access Mt. Ritchie from the north due to a big sign saying no access! Thus, have to go via the number 15 road.
    Cheers Tony

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