Mount Concord VK3/VN-018 Activate it while you still can!

This summit is located off the Melba Highway just south of Yarck. It is quite a prominent summit with a working pine plantation on its eastern side. It is also the site of the UHF CB Channel 6 repeater.

The actual height by my reckoning is 649 metres and definitely not 697 as documented in the Sota summit reference. That said, if fails the 150 metre prominence requirement as there is a 680+ metre summit along the same range at  9.83 kilometres on a bearing of 11 degrees true that appears to fill the prominence requirements.
(S37° 02′ 45.6″ E145° 34′ 17.3″)

For access maps, I used my Garmin with OZ Toppo, Forest Explorer with 10m contours and spot heights plus a Vicmap Property map with 10m contours, property boundary plus the all important public road reserve.

I followed the access notes of Wayne VK3WAM. I had a look at this previously, turning off the Melba Hwy onto Nicholsons rd but stopped where it gets rough at the intersection of Henkes lane as it was not suitable for my VW Caddy work van. This time with the Landcruiser, it was a piece of cake. It is well worth driving the 1/2 kilometer up from Henkes Lane.
I drove all the way to the private property gate then reversed back down as there was insufficient level ground to execute a U turn. I then reversed back up Nicholsons Rd and parked just short of a minor track (with locked gate) heading off to some old huts on the north side of the road.


Now on foot, I walked towards the private property gate then headed off to the right along a foot track that went through a gap in the wire fence. and onto what could once have been a vehicle track (aligning with the public road reserve).
This climbs steeply from 300 metres to 600 metres over a 1.2 kilometre distance. Many short stops on the way.
Once at the 600 metre point, there is an undulating ridge that heads south west to the summit. The route however is not so straight forward due to a fence.
There is a foot track and some vehicle tracks associated with the pine plantation on one side of the fence and cleared land on the other side. (My map appears to show a fence centred on the road reserve which generally follows a straight line between high points and thus deviates some what from side to side – thus I changed sides a few times. Watch out for an intersecting electric fence closest to the trig point.)

Looking north

Looking south

Looking south

Date:06/Sep/2015 Summit:VK3/VN-018 (Mt Concord) Call Used:VK3CAT/P Points: 2 Bonus: 0

Phone access is excellent. Very RF quiet. Saw Kangaroos, a Wombat, Cows and some Deer Shooters.

Time Call Band Mode Notes
05:14z VK2AOH 7MHz CW Nick 599, 599
05:16z VK2YW 7MHz CW John 599, 599
05:19z VK5BJE 7MHz CW John 599, 588
05:20z VK4RF 7MHz CW Rick 599, 599
05:21z VK4HA 7MHz CW Rick 599, 599
05:27z VK2IO 7MHz CW Gerard 599, 559
05:27z VK3BYD 3.5MHz CW Warren 579, 579
05:32z VK3AFW 3.5MHz CW Ron 599, 559

After a burst on CW, I had a quick look on 7.090. Here all i could hear was a booming EA station. It being cold and extremely windy I packed up and was down at the car inside of an hour; compared to 85 minutes to ascent and setup. Now just 2 hours to drive home, a bit hungry as I did not have time for lunch other than my orange and apple.

Property boundary and public road reserve map.

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