Marilyn Monroe


What the heck has Marilyn Monroe got to do with Radio and Communications?
A very good question to ask.
Read on….

With Nan being a NGV (National Gallery of Victoria) member, I could not ignore the invitation to nip up to Bendigo to view the Marilyn Monroe Exhibition held at the Bendigo Art Gallery. We have been to most of the similar events held here and they have been a good day out with the exhibition followed by lunch.

We had an early start from home, the weather was inclement but arrived with some time to spare in Bendigo prior to the 10:00 am opening. Being able to pre-purchase tickets for a nominated time certainly helps avoid the queues. At an earlier event, we had spent some hours queued up in the hot sun waiting to get in. Lessons have been learnt!

Anyway, we enjoyed the exhibition. Turns out Marilyn was no dummy when it comes to business and marketing. She was also a tiny woman going by her dress size. Lots of sound and movie clips on offer including “Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend

We had a stroll through the shops and noted that it seemed quieter than previous times and a number of shops were closed or gone completely.Lunch was had at a cafe across the road. Nan & I have been together for too long as, again, we both independently ordered the same meal! Over lunch, the rain bucketed down. Not looking promising for the afternoon’s activities?

VK3/VN-016, Mt Alexander – 741m, 4 Points

Located to the east of the Calder Fwy on the way home, it was but a slight deviation – made longer by some road works on McIvor road requiring a detour via Harcourt. The approach was straightforward along Joseph Young Drive to a T intersection where you turn right to reach the summit just a short distance away. There is a well constructed stone cairn at the summit but I elected to activate from near the T intersection as it would be a bit more out of the way and possibly RF quieter?
The activation zone looks quite vast and the south Trig point would also be inside the zone.
Also, noticed lots of moss & lichen on the road on the way up. Looks like it is cold in winter and also slippery! No problems this time in the mighty VW Caddy.
Commencing the ascent, we could not see the summit for the clouds. The rain had stopped but I was prepared to use the new Bothy Bag.


Mt. Alexander Summit Cairn

Was not too bad once at the top and things only improved!
Mountains are this cats best friends!

Phone coverage Excellent
RF noise – none to speak of.
Drive up summit and lots of places to activate from.


Date:30/Apr/2016 Summit:VK3/VN-016 (Mt Alexander) Call Used:VK3CAT/P Points: 4

Time Call Band Mode Notes
04:11z ZL1BYZ 14MHz CW John 599, 599 great sig
04:13z RM7KW 14MHz CW Victor 559, 579 Russia
04:14z VK7CW 14MHz CW Steve 349, 449
04:19z ZL3CC 14MHz CW Andrew 559, 589
04:24z US7QQ 14MHz CW Alex 339, 339 Ukraine
04:27z RA6LO 14MHz CW Pavel 549, 569 Russia
04:32z VK2IO 10MHz CW Gerard 579, 559
04:35z VK3ARH 10MHz CW Allen 539, 579
04:38z VK2UH 10MHz CW Andrew 329, 329 Tnx
04:41z VK5CZ 10MHz CW Ian 579, 559 solid
04:43z VK5LJ 10MHz CW Laurie 599, 599
04:45z VK3PF 7MHz CW Peter 579, 579
04:47z VK3BYD 7MHz CW Warren 579, 599
04:51z VK1MA 7MHz SSB Matt 5×9, 58
04:52z VK5WG 7MHz SSB Nev 5×9, 57
04:53z VK3FPSR/M 7MHz SSB Peter 5×5, 52
04:53z VK3FQSO 7MHz SSB Amanda 5×5, 52
04:54z VK3FIRM 7MHz SSB Mike 5×9, 58
04:55z VK2EXA 7MHz SSB Greg 5×8, 56
04:56z VK5FBAA/M 7MHz SSB 5×7, 55
04:56z VK3SQ 7MHz SSB Geoff 5×9, 59

A slightly different method of operation this time. First checked out the band propagation then tried 20 metres first. Scored well with my first east European chasers plus ZL & VK7.
Followed this up with some further afield (plus local) VK contacts before hitting the usual 40 meter hustings.

Quite happy with the results in about an hours worth of activation time.Packed up and proceeded back to the Calder Fwy near Elphinstone.
Only hiccup was the traffic through King St in Melbourne CBD. This seems to be a worsening problem with even the off ramps from the Westgate Fwy (if taking the Bolte Bridge or Western Ring Rd / Geelong Fwy) presenting major traffic congestion at most times.


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