25Ks for the day!

I had a leave pass for Saturday the 13th of August. Nan was involved with her quilting groups “Quilt Show” so I headed out to an area I know quite well.
The plan for this trek was to see how I coped with a long hike with some 15kg in the back pack; all in preparation for our USA trip and hopefully a return to Europe next year.

As Nan had the Landcruiser, I was relegated to the VW Caddy. A very nippy work van but it does not like corrugated roads that much as all the gear in the shelves flies about.
Well, on an earlier trip to Mt. Strickland, I recalled the Acheron Way was bitumen and, on consultation with my maps, remained so nearly all the way south from Narbethong to the trail head that we use to walk up to Mt. Ritchie.
Google maps showed bugger all difference between getting there via Warburton (96 km and 1hr: 45 minutes) and Narbethong (109 km and 1hr: 50 minutes) both measured without traffic.
So, at 6:30 am Saturday morning, with chainsaw, shovel and recovery mats, I headed out to the Acheron River where it crosses the Acheron way at the junction of Road 15.
I started my walk at 8:28 am and by 9:01 am was at the road 15 / road 10 track junction, a distance of 2.2 km and elevation gain of 357 metres. WX was misty up to the track junction. A short break for a snack and a drink then onwards and upwards. 5.3 km and an elevation gain of 352 metres.

This second section is a really pleasant undulating walk. I spied 2 Lyrebirds and a Kangaroo. I was now in pleasant sunshine up until I approached the summit where the cloud / mist came back to visit me – making it quite chilly.
I was on the summit at 10:20 am exactly on schedule and could see via Sota Spotter that Warren VK3BYD was already activating.
Took a little longer than planned to set up due to the cold; Time for the “I” gloves! Sent out some automatic CQ calls on 7.032 without reply and was about to send Warren and SMS when I heard his reply. First contact S2S!
Got 5 more on cw then tried 30 metres without luck. finishing off on 7.090 ssb with a further 6 contacts.

First contact 00:41, last 01:04 hrs utc.
Commenced the return trek at 11:20 am, and was back at the road 10 / 15 road junction 53 minutes later; and back at the car right on 12:40 pm making it 1hr: 20 minutes for the return journey and 30 minutes quicker than the ascent.

A quick bite and a coffee then a short 2.8 km drive to where Mt. Vinegar road intersects the Acheron Way (car park on the side of the track)
Departing just after 1:00 pm, I had hoped to be at the road 27 / road 8 junction in about 30 minutes. This was not the case; it taking 46 minutes to traverse the 2.5 km and 173 metre ascent. Not sure if this was a result of having just completed the 15 km Ritchie Trek, not having had enough time for lunch to have kicked in or a combination of the two by I felt pretty knackered; and I was only 1/2 way there!

The next 262 meter elevation gain was spread over 1.8 km as I deviated off the main road and took the more direct fire break route straight up the main ridge line. This was steep going and a mistake. Finally made the summit by 2:35 pm and was on air 10 minutes later from just on the edge of the logging coup; the squid pole supported by a handy timber post. Funnily enough, I was not far off my alert time, having used up the time gained on the Mt. Ritchie descent on climbing Mt. Vinegar.


Just off the summit trying to avoid the gusty wind!

A quick activation, 40 metres only with 5 cw and 6 ssb contacts. Finished lunch while operating.
First contact VK3PF AT 04:47 and last VK7ALH at 05:05 hrs utc. Gave out a couple of RD (Remembrance Day Contest) numbers.
Like Mt. Ritchie, the descent was much quicker.
The descent commenced at 3:22 pm and I kept to the main road rather than taking the fire break. The road route from where the fire break intersects is 1.1 km from top to bottom whist the firebreak length is 642 metres with an elevation change of 138 metres.
Back at the road 27 /road 8 junction at 3:46 pm and at the car by 4:14 pm: my descent time more akin to the anticipated ascent.
More coffee and a snack then homeward bound; 2 minutes prior to my scheduled 6:30 pm

For the record:
Total walking was 25 km. Ascents and descents each a little over 1000 metres.
Walking time approximately 5.5 hours making the average speed 4.55 km/h.

Screenshot 2016-08-15 22.26.00.pngClick to view map

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2 thoughts on “25Ks for the day!

  1. Excellent post Tony, thanks for sharing the route details. Ritchie and Vinegar have been on my Melbourne visit list for two years, somehow mother nature always dishes up extreme Wx conditions on the days I have tried to access the peaks.

  2. I always hope the route details will entice others to venture out but at the same time present an accurate description of what to expect.
    Vinegar was a hard slog and the walk not that inspiring (unlike Ritchie). Have previously driven up via Carters Rd and also across from Dom Dom. These roads seem to be closed over winter and can also be closed due to logging at other times. There appears to be little in the was of documentation as to how the road closures are managed. Most of the maps of the area are inaccurate too.
    Cheers Tony

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