VK3CAT Awards Page


Some of the wall paper collected over the years


vk5 Platinum Huntervk5 Silver Huntervk5 Gold Huntervk5 Bronze Hunter

VK3CAT Shack Sloth by VK5PASVK3CAT WIA 2004VK3CAT WAS 2 Metres


VK3CAT JMFD 1998 VK3CAT JMFD 1997VK3CAT Ross Hull 1999VK3cat Radio on Rails 1999VK3cat Radio on Rails 2000VK3CAT Summer FD 2000VK3CAT Summer FD 1999VK3CAT Spring FD 1999VK3CAT Spring FD 1998VK3CAT Summer FDl 2005VK3CAT George Bass Diploma 1999VK3MID WIA 1995VK3MID Noviice 1996008



VK3CAT Bronze VKFF Hunter

VK3CAT Silver VKFF Hunter

VK3CAT Sota Shack Sloth

VK3CAT 5000 Chaser Points

VK3CAT Sota 250 activator points

VK3CAT Sota 500 S2S Points

VK3CAT Mountain Hunter Bronze

VK3CAT Mountain Hunter Silver





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