VK3CAT on Dingo Ridge

Summit Information for VK3/VC-028
Dingo Ridge – 425m, 1 point.
Excellent phone coverage, activation time about 1 hour and 45 minutes for 35 contacts.

Time for another local summit, this time Dingo Ridge. I had a look at access the other week when leaving VK3/VC-037 but decided the shorter route via the Garfield North and Petigrew roads as described by Peter VK3ZPF was a better option.
All roads were well signposted. I could even put an address of 100 Petigrew Rd into my Tom Tom Navigator for directions and timing. With the weather starting to get hot (40 degrees on new years eve!) I decided to get there as quick as possible but still had to pick up some gear for my air-conditioner project at home.

I arrived at the end of the road where there is a gate into private property that is a wildlife for nature reserve straight ahead and a track of sorts to the left.
This track is signed a little further along as being “Private Property, No Vehicles”. Being a walker, no problems! 20151229_100333[1]






The track was possibly an old management vehicle track for most part with some deviations along the way. It is now used 20151229_100403[1]predominantly by horse riders and SOTA activators. This track is reasonably steep and I was glad that it was not too hot – high 20s. I met some horses coming down and was very happy for a rest while they negotiated their way past me. The track still retains some of its vehicle based origin in parts and in others is a single file trail through the not dense undergrowth. It took me about 35 minutes from the car to the end of the track where it intersects with Lupton Rd with Dingo Ridge Track only a few metres to the east and where I set up my station.

Note that this track is by far easier than that to Mt. Little Joe or Briarty Hill & maybe akin to Andrew Hill.

As per my alert, I arrived a short time prior to UTC and was able to work Matt VK1MA/3 on Mt. Macedon on both 40 and 10 metres for a S2S and 6 / 10 metre challenge contact; qualifying the summit on 10 metres prior to UTC with locals plus a surprise Es contact with VK5FANA Adrian. My antenna was more aimed to the north east for 10 metres.


Post rollover I worked Matt VK1MA again but this time on 6 metres despite my antenna not tuning as well as it should (since taking the bolt choke balun out – has been fixed by increasing the feeder length slightly). I also qualified the summit on 30 metres CW and had some good short Es with the regular VK1 crew before finishing up with the regular chasers on 40 metres with acceptable NVIS propagation.

I did try 20 metres and 6 metres without any further contacts.
I also had a walk a little way along the Lupton and Dingo Ridge Tracks to see if there were any views (none that I saw).

The walk down was much quicker than the way up. By now the car was in full sun and I was quite war. Air-conditioner on and back home (about 90 minutes) to continue my air-conditioner project.


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